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Day Care
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Peer support for parents who have or suspect they have ADHD. Safe space to chat, ask questions and make friends. Children and babies are very welcome. 

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Welcoming and inclusive adult self help / peer support groups in Gloucestershire for adults who have or suspect they have ADHD.


Children & Young Peoples Listening Sessions

Are you school-age 5-18? or have a child living with you in this age group?

These sessions are for all children and young people living in Gloucestershire who have ADHD or suspect they have ADHD. 

All of us adults at the ADHD Hub have ADHD, and some of us had tough times in education, socially and in other situations. Our fast brains mean we don't always quite fit. 

We already have meet-ups for adults and parents who have ADHD. We'd love to have something to offer you too. We don't want to decide what you need or want. We would love you to come and chat with your peers and come up with some ideas of what you'd like. That can be a project lasting weeks or longer projects. Clubs, activities, or a space to be with your peers. No one will mock your ideas. Yes, sometimes we come up with crazy ideas too. If we can make it happen ( and we will try so hard, too), we will.

Please ask one of your adults to contact us for timings, directions and consent forms. If you have any questions about these sessions, please call 01684 293195 or email us at

National Neurodiversity Week

March 13th – 19th 2022


Discussions on different neurodiversity each day. Based on lived experience, hear from Gloucestershire adults and children about ASC, ADHD, Tourette’s syndrome, Dyslexia, AuDHD, Dyspraxia and Down’s Syndrome.


We will be exploring ways for us as neurodivergent people to prioritise ourselves both in our personal lives and the workplace with advice and support on self-care and well-being, listening to tried and tested ways shared by a diverse group of neurodivergent people.

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ADHD Hub Gloucestershire CIC

Incubator One

Tewkesbury Borough Council

Gloucester Road

GL20 5TT


We are a grant funded community interest company listening to and serving Gloucestershire's neurodiverse community.

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